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the optimistic workplace
a world gone social

The Optimistic Workplace

By Shawn Murphy

When it comes to work these days, we're expected to do more with less--but is this nose-to-the-grindstone philosophy the best way to run a business? Alarmingly low employee engagement numbers indicate otherwise. So, if pushing everyone harder isn't the path to productivity, what is?  

Supported by the latest research, this eye-opening book argues that our best work is the product of a positive environment. That's good news for you as a manager. While you can't personally transform the corporate culture, you can influence the workplace climate and create meaningful and lasting change. 

A World Gone Social

By Ted Coiné and Mark Babbitt

Just like the meteor that likely precipitated the end of the dinosaurs, social media is having a monumental impact on the world's economy; a change so dramatic that it has created a new business era. Welcome... to the Social Age.  

What does the Social Age mean for your business? Containing stories, analysis of real-world scenarios, and indispensable guidance, A World Gone Social gives you the tools and information you need to survive--and thrive--in a business climate in which customers hold all the cards... jobseekers have the power to easily find out what working at your company isreally like... and expertise has become more democratic than ever as employees collaborate with each other, as well as with vendors, customers, and even competitors.

What People Are Saying about Shawn and Mark's books

jim kouzes
adam grant
marshall goldsmith
vineet nayar

"The Optimistic Workplace is a joyful read. At a time when we're hearing how engagement at work is stuck in a rut and leaders can't be trusted, it's really nice to see something that offers a better future. Shawn Murphy's book is rich with examples from businesses that are putting to work a new ethic."

--Jim Kouzes, coauthor of the award-winning and bestselling The Leadership Challenge and the dean's executive fellow of leadership, Leavey School of Business, Santa Clara University

"The Optimistic Workplace is bursting with ideas that are both imaginative and practical. It's a rallying cry for a more uplifting world of work."

--Adam Grant, Wharton professor, and New York Times bestselling author of Give and Take, Originals, and Option B

"In our hyper-connected world, every employee, every action, every inch of a company can be under the spotlight at any moment. Are you prepared? Coiné and Babbitt's book will show you exactly what strategies you need in place now to assure success even in times of crisis."

--Marshall Goldsmith, Author of the New York Times and global bestseller What Got You Here Won't Get You There, and Triggers

"Finally, a book that not only provides a realistic account of our world fundamentally transformed by social media but also very valuable tips on how to succeed in the Social Age. This one's a MUST READ for any person or company who seeks to remain relevant." 

--Vineet Nayar, former CEO, HCL Technologies, and Founder, Sampark Foundation

culture, leadership development, culture change

At WorqIQ, we focus on the human side of business.

We are uniquely positioned to help your organization understand, and then improve, your level of workplace intelligence (WQ). We help accomplish your goals – and make a real difference – by focusing on what we’ve come to learn are the seven critical elements of WQ:  

  • Culture and Workplace Climate Change
  • Transformational Leadership
  • Employee Engagement Reimagined
  • Purpose-Driven Performance
  • Optimistic Workplaces
  • Social Intelligence
  • Community Building

We are not white knights destined to slay corporate dragons. We don’t swoop in and tell you everything wrong with your organization, then leave. Throughout our work together, we help place your leadership team and key employees front and center, right where they should be.  

We remember that human beings are out in front of every change management effort.